In 2015 I travelled through most parts of the USA exploring various BBQ trails. I was intrigued with the different styles and tastes of BBQ that made there state unique to the way they smoke meat and make sauce. Listening to the stories of some of the best Pit Masters in Texas and surrounding areas of Dallas inspired me to learn from the best and bring that skill set home to Sydney Australia.


We smoke tender succulent Brisket, Pork Shoulder and Ribs daily right here at Smokinphat Smokehouse. Our sauce is from a recipe that won the Kansas City BBQ Competition one of the biggest comps in the states. We have taken our BBQ to the next level creating innovative dishes with our smoked meat such as The Loaded Spud, Nashville Nachos, Chicken Waffle and our signature dish the Rib Rattler to name a few.


We hope you enjoy this American BBQ experience and thank you for supporting us.



Ivan Pomare

(Pit Master)